The craziest offer in the history of SACKit! Happy haunting!

You now have the opportunity to buy ROCKit Onyx, CHARGEit Dock Care, a black CARRYit multi-case and WOOFit GO X Steel for only SEK 2.099 (3.576)
With a total value of SEK 3.576 and a promotional price of ONLY SEK 2.099, you save 40% on this fantastic bundle.

ROCKit Onyx

Experience the freedom of effortless wireless sound and charging. You get a headphone in a cool and unique Danish design and with a comfortable and secure fit, so you don't have to worry about them suddenly falling out.
CHARGEit Dock Care Black
We have re-designed our award-winning wireless charger with a sustainable approach, and simultaneously entered a powerful partnership with the Danish environmental organization Plastic Change. For every CHARGEit Care we sell, we donate 25 Euro cents to the organization.

CARRYit multi-case

Protect and organize your essentials on the move in a sleek Danish design; headphones, charger, power bank, passport, phone, card and much more. With this hard shell multi-case, you will have space for much more than just headphones, and you can be on the move without being afraid of losing or damaging your essentials. 
WOOFit GO X Steel
 The WOOFit Go X combines elegant Danish design and portability perfectly. Put it in your pocket and enjoy great sound at the park, the festival or on vacation. Let the music play wherever you are.